What's new for 2004


UNBELIEVABLE NEW TUBE: How much better can our SP-2B preamp sound  --  or for that matter any other 6DJ8/6922 based audio piece? Lots better apparently! We have found a limited stock of a New Old Stock (NOS) 6922 tube. These appear to be made in the 60s. That's right, they were made in the golden years of craftsman-like tube manufacturing.

Where to use them?: This tube type can replace the 6DJ8 /6922 /ECC88 /E88CC /7308 /6ES8 and other tubes compatible with the 6922 specs. They have been used in all sort of high-end preamps and power amps with one result. consistently we are being told by customers that this is the best 6922 they've ever heard!!!!!!!!!

The Sound: It is a phenomenal 6922 tube with an ambience retrieval more complete and accurate than any I have heard. It is pure and sweet from top to bottom. The vocal range is strikingly natural. It is genuinely 'human' to a startling degree. I could go on and on, but I think you get the drift of my thinking. Selfish me, I've already put aside a significant stock for my own future use. It is that good! Who knows how long we will have these fabulous tubes - so re-tube and stock up now!

Our price: At a very reasonable price of  $49/ea these are worth every penny.  These tubes are a raging bargain in "bang for the buck" and deserves comparison to any NOS tube out there!!!!!!!! (03-30-03)

Musical Concepts is developing a truly unique tubed preamp!

It will bring stratospheric performance levels to the audiophile on a budget. Customization will allow you to find a "favorite" sounding configuration. For now we'll go so far as to say that the preamp can use multiple tube types. We're not sure this qualifies it as unique, but some other features surely will. As we get closer to production we'll roll out some more information on its design features. There will be a kit available too! We're excited! (08-04-04)

--------UPDATE!!! We are in the first phases of production now. We'll post some pictures soon. ( 09-23-04 )

--------Metal vendor problems threaten to push introduction past the first of the year.(12-02-04)

BlackGate may cease production!!! (Expletive deleted)!!!!!!

A lousy headline in my opinion, but I didn't make it. Yesterday we received a letter written with great angst from the Japanese exporter of BlackGates. The contract manufacturer for BlackGates is slated to cease production of these incomparable components in 2005 for the Japanese exporter. In fact, we are being asked to make our last order in September if this situation is not reversed. 

The manufacturer is converting the former BlackGate plant to the production of low-voltage organic semiconductor capacitors. It appears that OS capacitors have as much as 30dB greater noise contribution than BlackGates. The most well known OS capacitor is the Sanyo OS-CON which is a part used in some audio products, but more so in computer decoupling applications. Some of you may have listened to this part in comparison to BlackGates. The OS capacitors we have tested are not in the same league sonically, not to mention that there are no high voltage types. Our exporter has requested that we quickly express our opinions to the manufacturer since that could possibly change their minds. If you would like to have your say by writing us an e-mail we will pass it along to Japan in the hopes we can reverse this disaster. Will some other manufacturer step forward to make these parts? You have to consider that wishful thinking, so have your say and maybe we can reverse this thing. 

Oh yeah, I'd hedge my bets if I were you and order whatever BlackGates you want if that was something you were putting off! ( 05-25-04) 

This still looks to be FACT! ( 09-23-04 )