Musical Concepts opened the doors in 1979...

with a great sounding $99 mod for the Hafler DH-101 preamp. Our modifications since then have expanded to more luxurious versions. We have also worked our Musical Concepts magic on the products of other manufacturers.

So, if you think of us as modifiers of Adcom, B&K and Hafler, please expand your definition of what we do here. We often are asked to modify exotic tubed and solid-state products. If you have seen our newsletters you know this is nothing new for us. In the past, we have modified Spectral, Krell, MacIntosh (tube), Marantz(tube) and too many others to remember. See some recent examples on our 'Custom' page. We promise to add to this page in the future. We have modified a lot of 'exotica' which gives a unique perspective on the achievements of the contemporary audio industry.

Musical Concepts Preamplifier Modifications