NEW!!! PS-500V2 power supply - 108,000uF and it sounds like it!

>>>If you have a DH-500/XL-600 and want to use Jensen 4-pole capacitors see the PS-200 series below.<<<

You have a big amp and you want to maximize the sense of power. Maybe you need maximum muscle to drive a ‘difficult’ speaker. You want a ‘dual-mono’ sound quality.* You want a powerful, yet liquid and delicate quality from the power rectifiers. We knew what to do. We designed the PS-500V2 to fill those desires. We could go on with a dozen more buzz words but you just want no-nonsense, big power sound and this is the answer. The PS-500V2 is civilized big power.

Features: Solder fillable tracks, Clean simple installation, Superbly sweet soft-recovery rectifier,



Select your PS-500V2 version >>>

>PS-500V2 (Hafler DH-500, XL-600), kit: $279 with 27,000uF/100V caps, $130 for a typical installation - Kit includes PS-500V2 PCB, 4-27,000uF/100V caps, 2 - HyperFred soft-recovery rectifiers with clamping hardware, heavy gauge wire, solder, all mounting hardware and instructions.

*Full, true dual-mono operation can be achieved with our TP-500 stacked toroid power transformer modification.  

>PS-500V2 "BARE" kit: PCB with full mounting hardware, install your own parts: $59/ea, instructions included. PS-500V2 PCB supports 2-pin, 4-pin and 5-pin snap-in capacitors. Optional: The rectifier form factor is unusual, so add $35 for 2 - HyperFred rectifiers, 2 - mounting clips and hardware

Note: Amplifier is not included with this kit.

PS-100 power supply - compact design, huge sound

PS-100 Standard for Hafler DH-200/220/280 and other amps pictured below

One of the great thing about the march of technology is the increased superiority of electrolytic caps. These new caps are much smaller and and at the same time they have higher performance. It’s very positive paradigm shift. Look at the original caps in the Hafler DH-2XX series and then look at the same value cap beside it - amazing! These technology innovations have lead to much smaller power supply size in modern electronics. The PS-100 installs in a small space of 4.25” x 1.75” x approximately 3.5” high depending on your capacitor choice. Diode technology has greatly improved too. The PS-100 uses the same 22A/600V soft-recovery power rectifier as the PS-200. It’s a great sounding rectifier far exceeding the performance and sound quality of the original Hafler part and every other part we’ve heard. The rectifier has a metal backing that can be mounted against the chassis for heatsinking without making provision for electrical isolation. The PS-100 mounts easily and compactly on four standoff mounts. PS-100 has a sound of delicacy and yet big, big power and dynamics from a compact package! See the PS-100 installation instructions here.

Select your PS-100 version >>>

>PS-100SE (for DH-120/200/220,others), with famous brand 10KuF/80V caps, kit: $89, add $100 for typical installation

>PS-100 (for DH-200/220,others), premium 15KuF/80V 4-pin 2-pole caps, kit: $119, add $100 for typical installation

>PS-100J (for DH-200/220,others), with superb 4-pole Jensen 10KuF/80V caps, kit: $239, add $100 for typical installation

>PS-100 “BARE” Kit: Same PCB as above accommodates all caps PCB with all mounting hardware, install your favorite parts: $39/ea, instructions included    Optional: The rectifier form factor is unusual, so add $20 for 1 - HyperFred rectifier, clamp and hardware

Major Versastility: PS-100 supports standard 2-pin Snap-In caps, most 4-pin standard Snap-In caps and Jensen 4-pole capacitors. It gives you an almost infinite choice to use the bare PS-100 board for many projects including custom preamp power supplies.

For your Hafler DH-500 and other larger amps we recommend the PS-200.

PS-200 - Versatile dual-mono power supply

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Why we developed the PS-200:

Previously our dual-mono mods were very labor intensive. We sold these in a kit form, but for the first time builder it was complex and very time consuming to install. It all fit really tightly into the amps too - no room for errors. Now you can easily install it yourself and save on labor and freight charges. With the PS-200 there is plenty of room after installation. Our large TP-200 toroidal transformer is no longer a challenge to position and install with the dual-mono configuration for Hafler 200 series amps. The PS-200 will allow you to improve neatness of installation, shorten current paths due to "inverted" capacitors which is good, improve sound quality and lower the price for high-performance dual-mono sound. Life is good!

PS-200 Board Features:

Our standard capacitor is 15,000uF/80V for use in DH-200/DH-220/XL-280. The higher voltage requirements of the DH-500 and XL-600 amps are served with a 10,000uF/100V capacitor.

PS-200 layout also accommodates four-pole Jensen(35mm) - has fool-proof one way installation, 6800uF/100V up to 15,000uF/63V. Jensen caps are used exclusively for the PS-200J model. 

Jensen is a Danish company specializing in high reliability industrial electronic parts and an impressive line of audiophile quality capacitors and inductors. 

The PS-200 bare board is made in USA. IXYS is a Silicon Valley company with worldwide operations.

What you can do with the PS-200:

Turn your Hafler DH-200, DH-220, DH-500 or XL-280/600 into a more musically satisfying product with improved imaging, crispness and dynamics. We have installed PS-200 boards into other amplifiers too. A number of Adcom owners have added PS-200 boards. See some more examples here

Our full PS-200 kits include the PS-200 "bare board" kit shown further down on this page. PS-200 installation instructions >>> here in PDF download!

Select your PS-200 version >>>

>PS-200SE (DH-120/200/220, XL-280 amps), kit: $189 with standard 10KuF/80V caps, $130 for typical installation

>PS-200 (DH-500, XL-600), kit: $229 with premium 10KuF/100V caps, $130 for typical installation

>PS-200 (DH-200/220, XL-280 amps), kit: $229 with premium 15KuF/80V caps, $130 for typical installation

>PS-200J (DH-200/220, XL-280) kit: $399 with superb Jensen 10KuF/80V 4-pole caps, add $130 for typical installation

>PS-200J (DH-500, XL-600) kit: $399 with superb Jensen 6.8KuF/100V 4-pole caps, add $130 for typical installation

>PS-200 "BARE" kit: (see below) - PCB with mounting hardware, install your favorite parts: $49/ea, instructions included

Optional: The rectifier form factor is unusual, so add $40 for 2 - HyperFred rectifiers, clamps and hardware

Example of PS-200J twin boards in Hafler DH-500

Dual PS-200J in DH-500, superb Jensen 4-pole caps, TP-500 transformers too.

Dual PS-200 “premium cap” version in DH-500, Standard transformer

PS-200 "bare" circuit board kit  -  just add caps and rectifiers - our full kits include this kit plus lengths of heavy wire, rectifiers and big caps

Musical Concepts PS-100/200/500