Musical Concepts, introduced the finest modifications for audiophiles. Our Concepts come from years of listening experience. We are music lovers! Our modifications reveal the concealed musical magic in your precious software.

Conventional wisdom is not a factor in our re-engineering. We aren't slaves to trendy, simplistic ideas. We listen carefully and develop our mods with our ears, our finest test instruments, and minimal use of test equipment. Simple part swapping mods don't compare to Musical Concepts re-engineered designs.

During 30 years in business, Musical Concepts has been the proud recipient of an incredible amount of repeat business, and 'word-of-mouth' referrals. We are proud that our products have created such loyalty in our music loving friends.


Manufacturers selling 'mid-price' products make cost-conscious decisions which affects parts quality, power supply size and other factors. HAFLER, ADCOM, B&K and others provide budget-minded audiophiles with excellent basic designs.

Musical Concepts elevates these products to legitimate High-End performance. Prestigious magazines such as The Absolute Sound®(www.theabsolutesound.com), The Audio Adventure®, Audio Musings, www.planethifi.com, www.soundstage.com, www.audiomusings.com and Bound for Sound have favorably compared our products to highly rated designs. Why pay high prices when you want great sound? You don't have to! Audio equipment is for your enjoyment. It should not be some gold-plated trophy to show your pals. Musical Concepts has exceeded the expectations of thousands of audiophiles. Reviewers and owners compare our products to costly competition. We think that speaks for itself!


You can say our mods are sweet, liquid, transparent and very dynamic. You can talk about enhanced depth, improved focus and greater sense of hall ambience. Accurate imaging allows instruments come from the hall positions that you anticipate. Smear is banished enhancing the hall ambience and focus. You hear a more coherent and natural sound. Convincing musical reproduction makes you relaxed, and even gratified, when you take a serious listen. We takes your listening pleasure seriously. Just ask experienced audiophiles. We have impressed many of them in our first twenty years. We hope to impress you, soon!


This exciting modification series, offers a new level of sonic excellence with stunning definition, clarity and naturalness. We use State-of-the-Art IXYS Soft-Recovery rectifiers or Schottky rectifiers and Nichicon MUSE capacitor technology. Elite sound is very true to the original sound of instruments with all the delightful complexity and delicacy. Highs are extended, detailed and yet silky smooth. Elites have rock solid, unwavering image stability and a sense of palpable 3-dimensionality to individual instruments. Elites have great depth and ambience, a wonderfully organic sound and involve you in the music!

Elite Ultra

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon, then later tried to describe it to someone who has not been there? Impossible, right! Suffice it to say that there are things happening in your software that you have never heard. Things that you couldn't identify become clear and identifiable. An odd rumble turns out to be a vehicle passing by outside the recording venue, and so on. We urge you to compare Elite Ultra mods to the most highly-touted and expensive equipment on the market. Yes, they're that good. There is no point in continuing. If you haven't heard an Elite Ultra, you really haven't heard the full impact of your software.


When you think of Musical Concepts, you think of modifications to Haflers, Adcoms, B&Ks and more. We are now offering more services for the audiophile with other brands of equipment. If you want to modernize your 20-year old ARC preamp, an old McIntosh or even your late model solid-state component, think of us again. New horizons are revealed with the introduction of Schottky rectifier diodes, BlackGate® and SILMIC II caps, Platinum resistors, Musical Concepts film caps and other new tweaks. These extraordinary components not only allow us to offer the Signature and Platinum modifications, but improve your existing system regardless of the component choices you have made. Many audiophiles start this sequence by sending their component to us for the Schottky diodes since these have improved every component we have ever modified. Then, after reviewing your unit, we can give you some more advanced modification options.

Musical Concepts