The power supply is the heart of your power amplifier. It must provide widely varying current outputs to the speaker load, i.e. difficult to drive speakers are handled properly at all frequencies. Only the finest parts providing instantaneous output current over the whole audio band can hope to offer a truly faithful recreation of the amplifier’s music input.


For Hafler DH-200/220 or XL-280 or custom project: 

TP-202 - similar to picture at left*, is a potent toroid power transformer with many important features for ‘music lover performance.

Technology serves sound:

The Sound:

TP-202: KIT: $139/kit, necessary hardware is included, INSTALLED: $195 in most amplifiers  

*transformer appearance may vary

How to use it: TP-202 can replace the original transformer for a sonic boost appreciated even with efficient speakers. In addition, TP-202 helps you construct a seriously natural sounding power supply with our new PS-200SR power supply or in concert an original Dual-Mono PS-200 board, within the chassis of your Hafler DH-200/220 or XL-280. It’s seriously fun sound.

Installer Notes: You will need to use a power drill to make the center hole for the transformer bolt (supplied). This will require a 1/4"(or slightly larger) hole. DH-200/220 requires that the fuse holders be moved away from the center of the amp, a tiny bit, if you are going to use the original Hafler boards. Our PA-XX series front-end boards have PCB mounted fuses so that this is not an issue if you are installing or have previously installed these terrific circuit boards in your amp, i.e. you remove the fuse holders completely.


For Hafler DH-500, XL-600, or custom project:

TP-500 is a pair of 500 Watt toroid power transformers. These transformers will indeed fit when stacked on top of each other. The original transformer was rated at about 680 Watts to be generous, so this upgrade to 1000 Watts is significant. Not only that but you can easily fashion a dual-mono power supply with the PS-200/PS-500V2 circuit.

For sound quality refer to TP-200 transformer above.

TP-500(pair of 500 Watt toroids) >  $269/kit, necessary hardware is included, $349 installed. Transformer appearance* may differ from illustration.

How to use it:

Installer Notes: You will need to use a power drill to make the center hole for the transformer bolt (supplied). This will require a 1/4 - 5/16" hole. 

*transformer appearance may vary

TP-120 Toroid Power Transformer*

HAFLER DH-120:  SINGLE 300 Watt, yields +56VDC, $99 kit, $175 installed, fits Hafler DH-120, some other brand amps custom fit

ADCOM GFA-545: $319/pr. installed in most amps, custom installations may have additional charges

*General appearance as above