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Why do we go about making life so difficult? It seems that most cable manufacturers spend time talking about their winding techniques, phase response, insulation qualities, ad nauseam. Excuse us, if we refuse to play! When all is said and done, has all that verbal exercise helped you figure out how something sounds. I think not! 

Aura cable is, well, just natural. When you first listen you may not be wowed. There is nothing spectacular, nothing that grabs you right away. Maybe your first impression is just of neutrality. That's ok! Aura doesn't say, "Hey, listen to my spectacular qualities!", it just presents you with unadorned transmission of the signal. We think that's good enough. After you listen for a while, you'll agree. We've heard this story over and over from very happy customers. This is not a cable that announces its presence boisterously. It just enchants you as you grow to appreciate it's own wonderful quality of naturalness. Now, that is spectacular!

AURA Ultra-Performance Interconnect

Not available presently. SPECIAL LENGTHS …

AURA Ultra-Performance Speaker Cable - Currently unavailable!

Non-standard terminations: Gold-plated, angled spade lugs or gold-plated banana plugs are standard and may be mixed, i.e. one end could have a different termination than the other end.  You may ask us to use your custom connectors, but difficult custom terminations may cost extra. 


To calculate the price for a custom length see the following example.

The price of AURA speaker cable is $9.00 per linear ft. + $50 termination fee. As an example, a 28 ft. pair(56 ft. total length) lists for - $50(termination) + (56ft. x $9.00) = $50 + $504.00 = $554.00.

"Bi-Wire" and "ShotGun" sets are available.  Please call for your custom order.

Standard lengths are listed. Only standard lengths have return privilege. You may order any custom length.

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