Very musical upgrades are now available for our out of production DAC-1A.

Currently we also offer some gorgeous sounding imported DACs with modifications.

Digital audio has finally come of age. If you are a fussy, analog LP only listener, you've finally found a digital product to enchant and entertain you. This is the story related over and over by just these sophisticated customers. Finally, in the DAC-1A, you have a product that honors the music and frees you to listen in fatigue-free bliss.

The Sound: HDCD®-encoded CDs are reproduced with all the benefits of the technology. All CDs are reproduced with a new level of naturalness and precision. DAC-1A speaks with authority and authenticity. Clarity and definition are stunning, but then so is warmth and atmosphere, reminding you of the live event. The bass reaches deep with a solid 'Wavefront' character. There is tremendous acoustical power and weight. The solid, dynamic "Wavefront" character reaches into the high end where the acoustic power and 'weight' of a ringing triangle provokes amazement. It's sum of sonic qualities reveals a striking sense of authenticity.

Technical: Incoming data is processed via a dedicated RS-422 Data Receiver. This stage shapes and cleans up the incoming signal, an important extra step rarely seen in DACs at any price. The main data receiver incorporates a De-Jitter PLL that attenuates jitter in the input data. Pacific Microsonics HDCD® Digital Filter operates with 24-Bit precision. Conversion to analog is via multi-bit precision Burr-Brown Digital to Analog Converters, not 1-bit types, in every model.

The Models: DAC-1A20 incorporates dual 20-bit Burr-Brown DACs. DAC-1A Elite is a stunning refinement of the DAC-1A20. It has an impressive array of SILMIC II® capacitors, Soft-Recovery diodes and hand-selected parts, plus additional chassis damping. The Elite is transparent, extended, silky, dynamic and clear - sweet and full-bodied sound. DAC-1A Elite Ultra is the ultimate refinement of the Elite. It incorporates a more robust power supply and special capacitors in the analog and digital signal path. It is truly a "must hear" component. It has an unbelievable purity of sonic textures and a totally involving tonal naturalness. All three DAC-1A models offer the audiophile unmatched musical reproduction in their respective price ranges.

The DAC-1A is now out of production. See updates for your unit below!

Suggested Retail Prices: 

DAC-1A20 -

DAC-1A Elite -

DAC-1A Elite Ultra -

UPDATES  - The following are upgrades to your DAC-1A - these are not complete new products.

Base level upgrade - New data receiver with revised PLL filter will accept data up to 24-bit/48kHz. If you use a computer with JRiver Media Center software, for instance, you can send 24-bit/48kHz data to the DAC-1A COAX input for amazing sound. A new audio output stage is used for a superior natural, musical sound quality. The separate power supply board uses the superb Cree SiC Schottky rectifiers and Silmic II power supply caps. This 1st level mod is $299 installed.


Ultimate level upgrade - A more complete mod is available. It has all the improvements of the 1st level. It also replaces all the capacitors in the analog power supplies on the main board with Silmic II caps and new bypass caps. Some IV filter parts are replaced. Even the separate DAC board gets the Silmic II caps. This is a very thorough mod with many new parts. It even has the superb CMC silver RCA jacks and a Rhodium IEC power socket. It is $599 installed. Compare this to the best DACs out there and fall in love.

External dimensions: 15.5"W X 9"D X 2.75"H  

HDCD® is a registered trademark of Pacific Microsonics, Inc. 

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