Something New, Really!

     We have decided that the MUSICAL NEWS has languished too long. What are we doing about it? Well, a certain section of our Musical News has lived on over the years as our What’s New page.  You might say that the What Have We Built Lately? part of the Musical News is published there. You might also say that our FAQ / Tips page is part of that heritage. The Testimonials pages were once part of the Musical News too.  Now you’ll also begin to see some examples or our work on the web pages that describe some mods, especially the custom work. We’ve posted some examples of our work for our Dynaco Preamp Mods and Dynaco Power Amp Mods.

     Of course, the MUSICAL NEWS covered other issues too, like CD reviews, new products we like, tech stuff and, frankly, some general silliness. We plan to add these items to future issues of the Musical News.

What is the MUSICAL NEWS?

     Plainly put, we are frustrated writers. We know that the Great American Novel is out of reach, so publishing THE MUSICAL NEWS makes us feel important.

     In these pages, you will find an agreeable mix of music reviews, audio-related Technical Tips and/or discussions, New and Interesting audio products from other manufacturers, letters from customers, occasional bellyaching and yes, a small amount of propaganda for our own products! Look elsewhere for scholarly dissertations in music reviews, flowery prose and political correctness.

How do you view the MUSICAL NEWS?

     You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view our "Pithy Newsletter" issues after you download them to your computer. 99% of computers have it or another PDF reader application already. Click on the link below to download 'Reader'. In fact, you can set up the Reader program as a "Helper Application" for your browser so that files will automatically display when downloaded.  Check your browser's documentation or help file. You can then print the newsletter in color or glorious black and white. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader from the link below. It is very useful for viewing .pdf files from all over the internet.

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Please remember that these newsletters contain material which may not be current pertaining to features, prices, special deals and other time related issues. 

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Issue 5 Coming Soon - Really!

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